Red Hat Arcade

Welcome to the Red Hat Arcade, brought to you by the Gaming Community of Practice.

The arcade features a collection of open-source games created by Red Hatters. All games are free to play, and were built with open-source tools.

The game isn't over when you're done playing. Your contributions of art, code, music, and ideas can shape the future of the games. Just click the Contribute link beside your favorite game to get started.

All games run on OpenShift sponsored by OSCI.

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Open-Source Games Collection

thumbnail for game: Stonehold


Your a dwarf that has been imprisoned and must escape Stonehold! See how far you can get in this dungeon!

Eligible for prizes!
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thumbnail for game: Pod Escape

Pod Escape

Your project is being deleted—help a pod escape from a disappearing digital landscape. Built by a team of Red Hatters passionate about gaming and Kubernetes.

Eligible for prizes!
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thumbnail for game: Pity About Earth...

Pity About Earth...

Humanity, I am sick of you. #2020

Yours truly,
the Universe
Eligible for prizes!
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thumbnail for game: Command Line Heroes: BASH

Command Line Heroes: BASH

How many commands can you type in 60 seconds? Set the terminal on fire in this memory game. Created in collaboration with Command Line Heroes.

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thumbnail for game: Zorbio


Fly a sphere through a 3D world, consuming food and other spheres, to get the high score in this multiplayer game!

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thumbnail for game: Square Off

Square Off

Square Off is a multiplayer air hockey game, where you place squares on a grid to bounce the puck. Protect your goal!

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thumbnail for game: Shipwars


If you have ever wanted to yell out "You sank my battleship", this is your opportunity. Place your ships on a grid, hoping to avoid the attacks of your AI opponent, while also placing your shots in an effort to destroy all of your opponents ships before they sink yours!

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thumbnail for game: Sub Hunt

Sub Hunt

In 1641, the Merchant Royal sunk. It was carrying more than 100,000 pounds of gold and silver, and it’s location has never been known… until now. You have Narrowed down the shipwrecks’s location and you’re ready to.. Hunt for the Merchant Royal! Made in one weekend by Red Hatters for Ludum Dare, theme: Deeper and Deeper.

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thumbnail for game: FOURFOLD


Navigate your way through this mind-bending puzzle game. Developed by Red Hatter Mohammed Saud for the 2020 JS13K game jam. The whole game is less than 13kb!

Controls: Move - WASD or Arrows keys

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